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Can You Buy My House While in Probate in CO? Yes, We Buy Houses for Cash

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Before we tell you how we buy houses for cash, we’d like you to please learn about the probate process.

What is Probate?

Probate is reassigning the property to the beneficiaries after the person dies. People leave their loved ones and property behind when they pass away. Sometimes the person leaves the last will or the Testate; in some cases, it is not.

Whatever the situation, the property is reassigned to the heirs by the court of law, and this extensive, thorough process is known as probate. Read about the steps to consider when selling an inherited property in Colorado.

Can you buy my house for cash while in probate in CO?

A house can be sold while in probate in Colorado. However, the sale must be approved by the probate court, and the proceeds must be distributed according to the terms of the will or state laws of inheritance. It’s important to consult with a probate attorney to ensure the sale is handled properly.

As real estate investors in Denver CO, Dragonfly Investment and Development advise sellers to go through the following steps and also suggests other investors check the procedures when buying property in probate in Denver. Click on buy my house to get started.

Obtain the Petition

To start the probate process in Colorado, an interested party (usually the executor or a beneficiary) must file a petition with the appropriate probate court in the county where the deceased person lived. The court will appoint a personal representative to manage the estate.

An investor only buys the property that has already completed the procedure of obtaining the petition, and we do look into the fact that the seller has gone through the process of getting the petition.

Notice to Creditors and Beneficiaries

The personal representative must provide notice to all known creditors and beneficiaries of the estate.

Property Appraisal

The personal representative must prepare an inventory and appraisal of all the estate’s assets, including real estate, personal property, and any debts owed to the estate.

With the help of an independent certified appraiser, a property can be appraised. You can easily look for an appraiser by contacting a real estate agent for their recommendations or work with Dragonfly Investment and Development for a recommended target selling price. We understand the market and know what it takes to repair and update to get the best price on the market. It might be worth talking to several sources to get the best idea of what your house is worth on the market and how long it will take to sell it. We buy houses for cash and it can be the most convenient and efficient way of selling your property quickly. Click on buy my house to get started.

Place your Property for Sale

The next step is placing your property on sale. Please make sure to let the buyer know that the property will be sold only after confirmation from the court since it is on probate. Only real investors buy the property on sale after seeking a court petition. If your property matches these conditions, we can take it off your hands by making a cash offer for your house.

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Seek the Court for Confirmation

You’ll need to seek the court for confirmation to confirm the sale of your property. Generally, hearings take place within a period of 20 to 40 days. Please do not forget to make arrangements and take earnest money from the buyer before the date of the hearing from the court.

Attend the Hearing

Attend the hearing of the court. This is where bids are made, and buyers and real estate investors come for bidding. After the final agreement, the cashier’s check is given to the court after the bid is confirmed. If there is a new buyer, refund the previous buyer’s money and take the buyer’s deposit after the court has given the confirmation… We tend to always pay some money as a deposit of the original price to the court after the contract has been confirmed.

After this, you can complete the contract with the buyer after the above-written steps. Real investors look for property that follows all the procedures and abides by the rules of the court.

If you’re looking for a REAL investor to buy your property in Denver, we can help because we buy houses for cash.

Payment of Debts

The personal representative is responsible for paying any outstanding debts or claims against the estate, including taxes and funeral expenses.

Distribution of Assets

Once all debts and expenses have been paid, the personal representative will distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries as outlined in the deceased person’s will, or according to Colorado law, if there is no will.

Final Accounting and Closing the Estate

The personal representative must file a final accounting with the probate court, which includes a detailed report of all transactions related to the estate. Once the court approves the accounting, the personal representative can distribute the remaining assets and close the estate.

In Colorado, the probate process can take anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the complexity of the estate and any legal challenges that may arise. Working with an experienced probate attorney who can guide you through the process and help you ensure that all legal requirements are met is important.

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